Human beings are built for connection with other humans. We need each other to grow spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally.  Neither single people nor families are meant to walk alone, yet our culture emphasizes independence and self-reliance rather than interdependence and communal effort, especially in regards to parenthood.

The Little Lay Oratory is a place to connect with other humans who want to pray & learn together. We connect with Christ together in the Byzantine Monastic Prayer Tradition & connect to humans who have gone before -authors, philosophers, theologians, and saints - as we explore the great works.

craving connection?

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longing for learning?

Like many busy people today, we don't have time to study as we'd like, but we miss an atmosphere of intellectual stimulation & growth.

The Little Lay Oratory helps to satisfy our longing for learning in community - a little cultural infusion in the midst of our busy lives.

If you have time to read & prepare, wonderful, but there is no pressure. If life prevents you, just come and enjoy the discussion.

sing the psalms together
enjoy lectures over good Italian coffee

discuss great books & have a glass of wine

at Reading & Discussion group
at the Restoration of Christian Coffee